As a conclusion to a photography package, my cousin, Marcus Guy, owner of Asset Media Group...asked me to photograph Juliee Oliver’s 30th birthday party. It took place The Sky Room in Long Beach, CA. Friends and family gathered and with a full candy table, a step and repeat and fun photo booth, the party was quite an evening.

[Speaking of the "photography package", this event goes along with the portrait session, Juliee Oliver]

Before the images, here’s a little bit of fun trivia and a quick story that shows that at times I’m not so quick:

I like the show ER (stay with me, I’m going somewhere). ER is my guilty pleasure. I need to do a little work in seasons 4-7 but I’m sure I’ve seen just about every episode of it’s 15 year run. Some say the show fell off after Clooney and the original cast left, but that’s a different argument for a different day. This party was photographed in June of 2014. Keep that in mind, it will be important.

For Christmas 2014, my older brother and I were very candid with each other about what we would like for Christmas gifts. He was looking for The Newsroom Season 2 on Blu-Ray and I was looking for any season of ER on DVD except for 8 or 9 because I already owned them. To my surprise he bought me two seasons on DVD and they were the final two seasons, 14 and 15. Very thankful.

From Christmas Day through the month of January 2015 (it did not take long), I binge watched seasons 14 and 15 of ER. During the final years of the show, they brought on a few new young interns as regular characters. While I watched the episodes, I was fond of one character in particular, an intern named, Daria. She was awkward and likable. When watching a TV show or movie and I find myself interested in a particular actor or actress’ performance, I will go to the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) to find out who the actor/actress is and to see what other work they have done. I found out that the actress portraying the character, Daria, was named, Shiri Appleby. Cool.

Again in late January, I was finishing up watching the rest of ER and was starting to work on this website. I was sitting at home working at my computer one day and I had this mental twinge. Something was stirring. I squinted my eyes and started to think about something…

I have no idea why or how the pieces connected, but I guess there was something that finally triggered and clicked. I went back to Shiri Appleby’s IMDB page a 2nd time….looked at her face…and then exclaimed, “AHH!!” 

Further down you’re going to notice a photograph at the step and repeat of an adorable family with a baby girl. The young lady, the mother of the girl, was, in fact, the actress, Shiri Appleby. I had met and photographed her on this evening in June 2014, before all of the ER DVD watching, and I had NO IDEA who she was. Her and Juliee are friends and worked together. Go. Figure. Anyway, hope you enjoy the images from the party:

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