I grew up in Stamford, CT, and moved back there in 2008 after attending school in Tennessee. In 2009, Photography became “my thing,” and I was happy to share new photographs on my Facebook page. I received a lot of work and was able to basically have free advertising thanks to Facebook. Old friends, and classmates would come to know and think of me as a photographer.

For example, in late July, I heard from, Jennifer. We had attended the same middle and high school and she was looking for a photographer for her grandfather, Bob’s 90th birthday party.

The festivities took place at Edgehill Senior Living Community in Stamford. I have to say quickly that I am always in awe of how posh senior living facilities are. I often joke that when I am driving around town, I will see a great “apartment” and think, “Oh wow, it’d be nice to live there,” only to find that it is a senior living facility. Edgehill in Stamford is no different; it is a wonderful facility.

Friends and family gathered from across the country to celebrate Bob’s very great milestone birthday. We created a few family portraits on the lawns at Edgehill and then it was inside for the party. I noticed how tightly-knit the community was at Edgehill. I loved how every resident was invited to the party. I loved how every staff member knew every resident. It looked and felt like family.  Bob’s family said a few words, and then the crowd was delighted with song and charm of a few local professional singers (I'll get their names again some day) and with the piano stylings of Dr. Joe Utterback