Through my newly found cousin, Marcus Guy, owner of Asset Media Group in Signal Hill, CA...

...I had the pleasure of photographing Miss Juliee Oliver. No that’s not a typo, she spells it with two E’s.

Juliee’s 30th birthday was approaching and Marcus was provding her with a photography and video package. There would be a still photography slideshow and a party promo video that would be showcased on Facebook for the days leading up to her birthday party.

This was a fun day. Marcus invited me down to Long Beach/Signal Hill to his office and studio and I had the opportunity to do some indoor studio photography, which was a first for me. I had always done things outdoors with natural light. The only indoor photography I did involved event photography and bouncing flash off of the ceiling or using my bounce card.

Marcus’ space allowed for a little experimentation as he had a few studio lights to play with and maneuver. Julie had a few outfits and different chairs to model/play with as well.  All the while, Chris Valcarcel, another member of Asset Media Group was filming the promo video between our shots. We spent a good hour or so creating indoors and then took things outdoors for a few images on the streets of Signal Hill. Lastly, but most enjoyable we ended our day at Hilltop Park in Signal Hill. By the end of the day, Juliee was a pro and a natural: 

Outtakes and Behind the Scenes