My friend from Stamford, CT, Meg Loughran, had a brilliant idea: hold a birthday party after hours in a bakery. So great.

The Ivy Bakery and Lounge on W. Houston played host to the festivities. Friends gathered from near and far for the good times, good drinks and of course good desserts. I love having friends in acting and theatre because there were many great energetic and candid moments. I feel like I'm not doing any work at all, but just capturing their abundance liveliness. In particular, on this night, we played many rounds of a game that Meg would later call, "Director Prompts." Meg and her friends would stand in a line about 8 feet in front of me and turn to face away from the camera, Meg would call out a random scenario, and then the group would turn around and express themselves according to the scenario (like the top image). I would snap shots as soon as they faced me.

Example: “…okay….you’re being chased by a bear…go!”

Special thanks to my photography assistant for the night, Tara Jamshidian. She created some great shots (I credit any image in the slideshow that she created):