Along Highway One...

Always keep the camera in the car because the California coastline beckons. I plan to make a bigger Pacific Coast Highway journey later in the year, but this was a nice warmup. 

[click image below to view more]

Serendipity in Chicago

Have you ever had something happen to you that was more than just a coincidence? Something that you couldn’t explain? Do you believe in signs? Divine intervention? Destiny? 

On the streets of Chicago, Illinois I was shocked and shaken to the core by an unforgettable four days. [click image below to read the story]

It Could Happen To You

Just how stable is a “good life?”

While waiting to enter the Notre Dame Cathedral, I was moved by the sight of a few woman kneeling in need, reminded of the power of charity, and lastly, to be thankful.  [click image to view more]

Reading the Defense: London Street Photography

While on the busy streets of Soho, London, I wanted to capture some shots of the morning rush hour scene. It was daunting, but thanks to thinking about an idea from American professional football, I got it done [click image to view more]

JACCC - Caminos y Canciones

Another lively event for the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center. Description provided by the JACCC: 

Grammy award winning siblings Gabriel Gonzalez & Martha Gonzalez from Quetzal Band and Claudia Cava Miranda from CAVA band offer an evening of music that recalls the melodies and harmonies taught to them by their father and tempered by public concerts when they were children. [click image to view more]