February already?

Each year, I usually create a page that is dedicated to “extra images.” Events, gigs, very focused ideas, or big exploration always get their own page, but I’ve learned in the course of living in Los Angeles that there are so many times that I’ll make a quick roadside stop and only produce a couple of images. Does that deserve it’s own page and full blog post? Maybe not, but the image do deserve to be seen.

This year (2019) I’ve done more roadside shooting than usual and my plan is to create extra image pages for each month as opposed to just one encompassing the year. Hope you enjoy.

2.4 - Sierra Madre, CA

While living in Pasadena, and driving Uber/Lyft, I would occassionally find myself driving through one of the quaint towns just south of the Angeles National Forest, Sierra Madre, CA. A nice morning fog helped create a great view looking up the mountain. Cropped just right, it felt like you were somewhere far away, let’s say Hawaii. Cool moment with this one, it ended up featured on Sierra Madre’s Instagram page that day:

2.9 - Beverlywood, Los Angeles

This was another mid-Uber/Lyft moment. I was simply making a U-turn after dropping off a passenger while in the Beverlywood neighborhood in west LA and…whoa. Hey Downtown:

2.12 - LAX

I never get tired of being at LAX at sunrise. I’ve captured this image many times, but this time the sun felt more pronounced than usual:

2.12 - Bluff Cove | Lunada bay

The small hike that inspired these images is on my top five list of SoCal hikes. This tiny part of the Pacific is known as Lunada Bay and I first visited it in 2017. I caught it at sunrise and it was beautiful. The images on the original page will show you why I regard it so highly. This time, I viewed the Bay from further north on Malaga Lunada Vista Loop trail. Aside from a smogy start, the views were great:

2.17 - Santa Monica, CA

Any morning I can capture Santa Monica is a good one. I was on my way to church this particular Sunday morning. If you want to know when Santa Monica is barren, it’s Sunday morning at 7:30AM. The first image was a great Bob Ross, happy accident moment as I crossed Ocean Ave. It’s me in a nutshell. Formality + Nikon cameras. As for the other two images: I love a stark beach, and a blank Ocean Ave. was not too exciting, but the sunrise light got drawn out in such a way that a cool colorful moment could be found:

Various dates - El Monte, CA

I moved to El Monte, CA in this month of February, leaving Pasadena behind and so far a couple of images have presented itself in my new home. The first was a gorgeous sunset off of Mt. Baldy, an image so wonderful, it inspired me to start keeping my D800E with me just to have better image quality. The image below was from the D90 and just didn’t capture the full awesomeness of the light and detail on the mountain. The next: is it okay to take pictures while in bumper to bumper traffic? The others: sunrise and sunset, as always:

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