Embracing the Variety

Each year, I usually create a page that is dedicated to “extra images.” Events, gigs, very focused ideas, or big exploration will get their own page, but I’ve learned in the course of living in Los Angeles that there are so many times that I’ll make a quick roadside stop and only produce a couple of images. Does that deserve it’s own page and full blog post? Maybe not, but the image do deserve to be seen.

This year (2019) I’ve done more roadside shooting than usual and my plan is to create extra image pages for each month as opposed to just one encompassing the year. Hope you enjoy.

1.1.19 - Reef Point

On day one of the year, I found myself down near Laguna Beach and right as the sun was setting. I stopped at Reef Point in Crystal Cove State Park for some shameless sunset gazing and silhouette making:

1.3 - Will Rogers State Beach

I often end up on the west side of the city/county while driving Uber/Lyft and a common spot nearby is Will Rogers State Beach. I made a point to stop one day, and take in the sunshine, enjoying the activity of some feathered friends:

1.4 - MacArthur Park

I’ve seen it filmed in so many TV shows and movies, but a really great sunrise was hitting The MacArthur and I had to capture a few shots. Actually it was the view down 6th Street that first caught my eye. Either way, a cool way to start this day:

1.9 - Beaudry Loop

Easily one of my favorite short hikes in Los Angeles, Beaudry Loop always offers great views over Los Angeles and Glendale. On this particular morning, sunrise was sweet:

1.18 - Venice Canals 

Always a treat, a morning walk around the Venice Canals produced a couple of nice moments:

1.19 - Echo Park

I’ve actually never spent anytime photographing in or around Echo Park. While waiting to catch up with my friend, I had a good opportunity to capture a little bit:

Los Angeles - various

Skyline shots, silhouettes and a man waiting for….something:

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