These images may have just been a quick roadside stop, a short walk, any moment where I had the camera and felt like it was worth taking the shot. 

I love to practice and explore, and enjoy coming across an interesting view, space, object, texture, or sliver of light. 

I felt that these moments don't really need a separate or full blog post, but even if it's just one or two shots on a random day, I should share them. 

I hope you enjoy these extra images.

About 2018 

I was thankful to sneak in an international trip; a couple quick days in Barcelona (blog posts coming soon), but 2018 has been about LA. It's a year of gestation. A few new things are on the way. I need to move into a different apartment. I've been saying that for too long. But the other idea in the works has been a short documentary. I'm really excited to start making that real. 

What that's meant for my life, and therefore my photography life has been a lot of ride-share driving. A few gigs have come up here and there, but I'm okay to just have 100% with my time, drive around and make a few bucks, and use my extra brain space for developing the film. 

I have kept with the habit of keeping my camera in the car and there have been a lot of moments between Lyft passengers where a view in LA catches my eye so I stop and capture. In 2017 Extras, I went through the effort of saying the date and location of each shot. I won't do that for these. [ Though I will make a special note of a couple of photos. Be sure to look for the car on fire. Good job by the Pasadena FD...]

Just know that it's LA, whether that's beach or city, it's a shot of my beloved LA county. Hope you enjoy:  

11.9.18 - Fire

Just the oddest coincidence, on the same day as the Malibu fires in late 2018, I drove by a property that was also on fire. I was in the Valley that day, but did not brave getting close to Malibu. From the freeway, you could see a massive cloud of smoke over Malibu.

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