Colorful creations Continue

Each year, I usually create a page that is dedicated to “extra images.” Events, gigs, very focused ideas, or big exploration always get their own page, but I’ve learned in the course of living in Los Angeles that there are so many times that I’ll make a quick roadside stop and only produce a couple of images. Does that deserve it’s own page and full blog post? Maybe not, but the image do deserve to be seen.

This year (2019) I’ve done more roadside shooting than usual and my plan is to create extra image pages for each month as opposed to just one encompassing the year. Hope you enjoy.

4.3 - Santa Monica

Scenes from a Wednesday afternoon at the coast:

4.5 - Fryman Canyon Trail

A good morning hike, catching sunrise. This trailhead find was thanks again to the AllTrails app:

4.11 - Vista Loop Trail

California never ceases to surprise me. Wild foliage and fenced trails too? Sure Again, through AllTrails, I found this beautiful small hike in Westlake Village:

4.21 - Arcadia Wilderness Park

Here is another quick find from the AllTrails app. I’ve always loved the beautiful hillsides and mountains of Angeles National Forest:

4.22 - Santa Monica, CA

I purchased a Rokinon 8mm Fisheye over a year ago and it’s been a nice treat. Looking up specs and details about the lens, I came across the knowledge that when using it with a DSLR body with a cropped sensor it would produce a wide-angle spherical image, and when using it on a DSLR with a full sensor, it would produce a full circle fisheye image. I tried that latter theory with my D800E one day and….the full circle did not appear. I’m not sure why, but here’s what it did create:

4.25 - Altadena, CA

An Uber passenger recommended driving to the end of her street for a great view. Awesome:

4.25 - Palos Verdes Del Cero Trail

You can take one guess how and where I found this trail. Timing is everything. I came across the Palos Verdes Del Cero Trail once before, but felt hesistant to begin because you have to park on a residential street and it’s unclear whether parking is permitted, and then the trailhead starts by having to walk behind residential homes. In fact, most of this hike is walking behind private homes. But on this particular evening, I let all the worry leave my mind and just go for it. It’s a beautiful small hike with steep vistas of the Pacific below. Towards the end it turned into Snail City:

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