A different perspective

In July of last year, I treated myself to some new equipment. I purchased a Nikon D2H DSLR just for the fact that despite being outdated (it was released in July of 2003) it holds a different kind of image sensor than any other Nikon DSLR. I’m so sensitive that I can tell the difference in its images. I really like what it produces, and I was intrigued to have it in my collection.

The other treat was finally purchasing a fisheye lens. A Rokinon 8mm to be specific. I believe the eye of the artist is what drives creativity, not the equipment, but sometimes the equipment can liberate the eye of the artist. I had always enjoyed seeing fisheye images, and yearned to be able to have that capability within my camera bag. After obtaining it, I was really excited for about two weeks, but then found myself resorting back to mostly shooting with my 18-105mm.

On this particular morning, a good sunrise was happening and I was near Venice Beach. Fate forced me into practicing with my fisheye and I’m glad it did. I parked about a block off of the beach and grabbed my camera out of the glove box. I then instinctively reached for my 18-105 which usually stays in that middle console compartment filled with business cards (yet to be filed and organized of course), gum and other oddities. But on this morning, I had not placed my 18-105 in the console.

I was upset for about a minute and then realized that I had been keeping my Rokinon fisheye in the trunk for a while. It was in the trunk for more security, not banished out of a lack of love for the lens.

“Well this will be interesting,” I thought. And it was. Glad to have wandered the beach with a different perspective:

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