These images may have just been a quick roadside stop, a short walk, any moment where I had the camera and felt like it was worth taking the shot. 

I love to practice and explore, and enjoy coming across an interesting view, space, object, texture, or sliver of light. 

I felt that these moments don't really need a separate or full blog post.  But even if it's just one or two shots on a random day, I should share them. 

I hope you enjoy these extra images.

About 2017:

I had a very clear goal at the beginning of this calendar year and it was to  "get back into California." I traveled quite a bit last year, and did not spend much time enjoying LA or California in general. I've made a point to drive to the coast, to go on more hikes, and to visit new Southern California landmarks or attractions. That said, I've probably produced more images in 2017 than 2016, or 2015 respectively. 

I purchased a new camera in 2017, a Nikon D800E and in a few short months it has been worth the investment. 

I seem to have a lot of "extra images" from this year. Again, they are mostly from little impromptu moments here Southern California. Let's begin...

Burbank, CA - 2.1.17

Hancock Park, Los Angeles - 2.10

Los angeles county museum of art (lacma) - 2.11

Downtown LA - 3.3

Reagan National Library + Museum - 3.14

The Antelope Valley - 4.14

Santa Monica, CA - 5.19

Glendale, CA - 6.18 

Pasadena, CA - 6.19

Inside my apartment - 6.27

Griffith Park - 7.4

Pasadena, CA -7.9

Mulholland Drive - 7.9

Redondo Beach - 7.10

Silverlake Reservoir - 7.20

escandido falls trail  - 7.21

glendale, CA - 7.26

pasadena, CA - 7.31 

Manhattan Beach - 8.7

Santa Monica, CA - 8.15

Culver City - 8.21

Downtown Los Angeles - 9.1

Hollywood, CA - 9.26 

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