about 2011:

2011 was a fun and eye-opening year. If you look at the 2011 page and think that it's a bit thin or that I was slacking off that year, it's because I am not showing you all of the wedding work that I created in that year. I was surprised by the number of weddings I booked from word-of-mouth and from putting up a small blog at the beginning of the year. 2010 brought five weddings and 2011 contained eleven.  I also had the chance to do a bit of traveling thanks to weddings. I found myself in Montego Bay, Jamaica for a weekend as well as Boston, MA and a few new places in Connecticut.

2011 was also very important because it was the year I finally stepped up into new/better equipment. From 2009-2011 I only owned and shot with the Nikon D90. I loved it and I wore it out. I surprisingly started to take on a lot of weddings and events, but for some reason, never had the time (or money, I guess) to purchase new/better bodies or lenses. I was shooting weddings with only one DSLR body. That was very gutsy and risky. I can't ever say that I'm not lucky. In the two years and about 15 weddings I had covered, I thankfully never had a problem with my D90, and it got the job done every time.

My soul had been yearning for an increase in sensor and quality and in 2011, I rented a D700 to shoot the Lalela Project Fundraising Event and by that October, I had finally purchased a Nikon D300S. 

These images don't necessarily fit into a "category" or are a part of a larger set or one of my paid gigs. 

These images are from when I was just playing with the camera, outtakes, practicing, or on the way to or from a session/event. I would see an interesting space, object, texture, or sliver of light that moved me and I just captured it.

These images should be shared and seen.  I hope you enjoy these extra images: