About 2014:

2014 felt like I was on vacation. I had moved to Los Angeles in November of 2013 and had a big to-do list of sites and attractions that I was looking forward to visiting. It felt like each week I was headed somewhere new and I would inevitably bring a DSLR along and capture something...anything. California, is way too beautiful. It's this great mix of desert, mountain, foliage, and urban landscapes. The colors and textures seem infinite. 

These images don't necessarily fit into a "category" or are a part of a larger set or one of my paid gigs. 

These images are from when I was just playing with the camera, outtakes, practicing, or on the way to or from a session/event. I would see an interesting space, object, texture, or sliver of light that moved me and I just captured it.

These images should be shared and seen.  I hope you enjoy these extra images.

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