ABOUT 2012:

2012 was hard. My mother had been battling cancer for a year, and unfortunately passed away in March 2012. 

It was like walking around in a dream, like floating outside of your body just a little bit. I was present, but never felt truly grounded in any moment. I felt like a caricature of myself. I am forever grateful for all of the family and friends that surrounded me in 2012, but I never quite felt like myself. I had to just keep going out and shooting. I created as much if not more work in 2012 than any previous year. My strength came from above. I traveled pretty well that year, heading to Montreal and out for 5 weddings including stops in Albany, NY and Lewes, DE. 

2012 was the year I finally, officially stepped up into a full crop body. The D700 was mine, mwahahaha. My goodness, did it change my life. It was unfair how good it was (is).  I could shoot anything, I could shoot it poorly, but the D700's sensor was (is) so good that I could (can) save the image in post processing. I also fell in love with the AF-S Nikkor 24-120 f/4G ED VR. Talk about a perfect lens. It became my wedding reception and event lens. 

These images don't necessarily fit into a "category" or are a part of a larger set or one of my paid gigs. 

These images are from when I was just playing with the camera, outtakes, practicing, or on the way to or from a session/event. I would see an interesting space, object, texture, or sliver of light that moved me and I just captured it.

These images should be shared and seen.  I hope you enjoy these extra images: