TWo for One…

This post includes images from two separate mornings where I found myself in Malibu at sunrise. Each morning presented very different light, as you will see.

1.21 - Up close and Personal

I was taking in some deep breaths and enjoying another great sunrise. After a few moments, it hit me to experience and photograph the coast in a different way. Usually I’m just standing and capturing come wide vistas of the coast and ocean, something postcard worthy. But this morning, I envisioned getting a close up image of the ocean waves coming towards the lens of my camera. I don’t have any kind of waterproof casing for my D90, so I’m not sure how close I thought I was going to let the water get. Either way, I ended up actually lying down on the beach, belly in the sand and all, and letting the tide get close and snapping away. I loved the experience and the final result.

These were not too bad considering they came from a D90 and my OLDEST lens. I have had the same 18-105mm kit lens that came with my first D90 from back in 2009! I don’t even have my original D90 anymore. The one I use is a replacement purchased in 2012. Needless to say, that lens is loyal. I was impressed with it’s clarity and mesmerized by the personality of the beach from that vantage point. Waves and sea foam are an entire landscape within themselves:

Good Morning Moon

Before getting to the beach on this morning, I was driving near the PCH, and stopped in my tracks because the moon was still up. Ironically, this was the morning after the most recent eclipse. This was 7:00AM with the sun starting to show, but the moon wasn’t ready to step off the stage:

1.29 - misty morning

Another morning placed me in Malibu after a little bit of Lyft and Uber driving and, as always, I took full advantage of the opportunity. This morning, the rain threatened and the fog over the beach was palpable. I enjoyed this small set of images because I had both a fisheye and my standard zoom lens present. I felt like my brain was open with no compositional excuses:

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