I moved to California for a lot of reasons, but one of the main motivators was the landscape. I have to remind myself at times that Malibu, a place people dream of visiting, is only a short drive away. This past week, I forced myself to forget about the bills and "no matter what" make a short trip out to Malibu to get to the coast. I probably visit the "27 miles of scenic beauty" at least once a year.

On this day, the thought came to mind to visit El Matador State Beach. It was the first piece of Malibu I was introduced to, thanks to my good friend, Kelly. During a week long visit to California, before moving here, we spent a good hour or so soaking in the sun. Since, I have visited El Matador on one other occassion. 

It was nice to see some sunshine, like minded visitors, birds flying free, and remind myself that the California landscape will never disappoint: 

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