I feel like long exposure photography is coming to the surface for me. I'm ready to experiment. Six years ago (time flies) I tried some night-time long exposure photography in the cold Connecticut winter. My goal was to take scenes, moments that were relatively dark, clearly night scenes, and expose them long enough so they would look as if they were daytime scenes.

I was motivated by a Gizomdo article - 175 Photos of Day Taken at Night.  There's some incredible shots in there.  I'm not at that level yet, but thanks to a $30 remote trigger, I don't see anything holding me back anymore.

I made a personal vow on that cold night in 2011, when first trying this long exposure experiment, that I would try it again some day... 1) with a better camera and 2) in a different location. I now live in California and own a Nikon D800E. I made good on my promise by driving down to Laguna Beach one night. Only one shot was worth sharing.

For this moment I did not have a remote trigger, so this was the result of me holding my finger over the shutter release button for over 60 seconds. See why not being in the cold makes it better? 

Much more to come: 

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