Between the gloom…

Southern California is currently undergoing repairs in the weather department. I’m spoiled. I expect sunny skies…always. That’s unrealistic, yes, but overall this year for SoCal has been rather unpredictable and relatively gloomy. Below are some of the small moments and excursions from May where the sun actually showed its face (and few where it didn’t).

5.3 - Will Rogers State Beach

This is starting to become a favorite destination for me. Will Rogers is right on the edge of Los Angeles and Malibu along the PCH. I really needed to recharge and took this Friday morning to do so. My favorite takeaway was sitting down and from where my butt landed seeing a lucky feather, and meeting ladybug that wouldn’t leave me alone. That first image captures both, and that lady bug was persistent! I’d let her climb on that stick and place next to the feather and her first agenda was to climb off of it and traverse the sand back towards me!

5.9 - Venice

In the few days following the images from Will Rogers State Beach, we again had overcast skies. It was not until this Thursday that I saw hope. I stopped in Venice near the water and saw a sliver of sky on the horizon.

5.23 - southeast los angeles

I can’t remember what town exactly, but parking lots always seem to be a good location to catch sunrise or sunset:

5.25 - Whittier

It was something old, but something that felt new. I’ve lived in Los Angeles since November of 2013 which means, including this year, I’ve experienced 6 Spring seasons. I’ve seen the flowers bloom time and again, but for some reason this moment down in Whittier, CA was the first time I was really taken with these beautiful “violet blooms,” as I would call them on Instagram. My friends politely educated me that these are Jacaranda trees. I really don’t know where my mind has been for the five other Springs, because since seeing this wonderful street lined with them, I slapped my forehead and realized that I’ve seen Jacaranda trees all the time in LA. I even consistently park underneath one in my church’s parking lot, wiping the petals off of my car every time! I guess I just never stopped to notice and appreciate them. Either way, what a beautiful display to come across:

arroyo pescadero and deer loop trail

Actually, seeing the Jacarandas was on the way to do a short hike in Whittier. After that violet display the hike was pretty mundane :) I’m kidding. Wonderful shades of green out there. I enjoyed it:

Glendale galleria

Again, what a blessing to live a place where your views from a parking lot are spectacular:

5.27 - redondo beach

I have to get my confidence up when it comes to candid street (or in this case beach photography). The beach is bit trickier than your average street, though. People in bathing suits, and or children…that’s treacherous ground. I have no intentions of capturing anything lude or inappropriate, but people don’t know that. I get it. I think through the scenariou: someone spots me photographing them in public, they blast me for photographing them candidly without their permission, I tell them I’m a pro photographer, I didn’t mean any harm and I delete the photo in front them so they know I don’t have it any longer. That’s the version where I don’t get punched in the face.

If I desire to create the best art I can, and I do, I have to have that moment start to happen (not the punched in the face part, just the yelled at part). That way I’ll know I’m pushing the limit and going as far as possible.

All that said, I sigh thinking about what images could have been featuring the girl in the red dress. What a great contrast of color against the blue of the ocean and clear sky. I got one of her, sheepishly, but know that I missed an opportunity when she walked right in front of me. The image following my one attempt at photographing her was the right framing and composition, and she did end up strolling along the water’s edge right in front of me... It could have been a beauty.

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