Party like it's 1981...

Long time friend, Lauren Sherwood, turned 30 and wanted to celebrate in the style of a 1980’s prom. Unfortunately, she injured her wrist right before the party...I’m sorry, the prom. But, she had a cast to match her dress and she had a cake topper made to be a replica of her with a cast on her wrist.  She proudly turned it into a funny joke.  

Friends, family gathered at Columbus Park Trattoria in Stamford, CT dressed to the nines and ready to party. 

I appreciate the Sherwoods, and in general the fact that I have friends in theatre.  They are always ready to be free, open and express themselves joyously, especially when they know a camera is around. It makes my job easy, and it looks like I’m doing more than I really am. They’re the life of the image. I’m just pressing the shutter. For example, they took the time to couple up and pose for “awkward prom photos.” Hilarious.

Very important side story before I get to the images: 

This evening was when I met my friend and mentor, Michael Beneville, owner of Beneville Studios. 

Michael is a very good artist based in New York City; a well known name in world-class artistry and philanthropy. I introduced myself to him by accident (fate).  I let him know that Photography was more than just a hobby for me and that I am pursuing it as a full time career and immediately, a switch flicked on in his mind.  He whipped out his iPhone and started schooling me on professional artists and photographers.

“Have you heard of (important artist)?  Do you know this person’s work?  You should know this person. You should read this person’s blog.  Oh, this guy is a world renown wedding planner.  Read his blog too.  You should get in touch with this person.  I’m going to have you get in contact with this person.  Send me your information, I’m going to get in touch with you after tonight…”

Shut. Me. Up.

I am lucky that Michael is who he is.  He could have easily sized me up that night and written me off as a beginner with no clue. But his heart and mind are/were bigger than that. He understands where I have been and where I am going. He is a true talent and inspiration and I am glad that we met.

Now to the party...

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