I had the pleasure of meeting Wendy (above on the right or orange shirt later on) while photographing Galina and Dave's wedding in Riviera Maya Mexico. After the wedding came to a close, Wendy and I were glad to learn that we lived relatively close to one another; (New Caanan and Stamford, CT respectively) and we spent more time together during the summer of 2010. It felt like a very innocent, youthful friendship and I enjoyed it very much. 

Upon returning from Mexico, Wendy messaged me on Facebook asking if I would like to take some photographs of her with her long time friend, Katya, who was coming to visit her.  She suggested Wavney Park in New Caanan, CT as a location. I anticipateda straightforward portrait session with the images looking a lot like the banner image above: something flowery and outdoorsy. Something "nice" and simple.  But there was more to it than that.  It turned out that the ladies were avidly practicing yoga at the time and Wendy thought it would be interesting to photograph them in yoga poses.  

We arrived at Waveny Park and started to think about places to photograph.  If you haven't been there, there's a main building/pavilion when you first arrive. Walking outside of that main building, I saw a few open stone archways and I immediately thought, "We need not look any further." I made sure the settings on the camera were going to catch some contrast and their silhouette, and they began to pose. After the park, we ended the day at Wendy's house. She changed into another outfit which provided a nice set of portraits and a couple extra yoga looks.

[As of 2015: Katya is a certified yoga instructor. Check her out at http://www.katyalovejoy.com/]