My good friend, Galina, and I met during high school marching band. Anywhere else I’ve mentioned marching band in this website, I’ve said the same thing each time; it is/was familial.  We spent so much time rehearsing, traveling, and performing together that close-knit bonds inevitably formed. 

Galina always did a wonderful job of staying in touch after high school and in 2009, I was very happy to hear that she was engaged.  For years I had been hearing about Dave but I had never met him. Galina was (and is) incredibly supportive of my Photography.  At that point, I didn’t have a website or blog and I had only posted a handful of images to Facebook.  But, Galina took a leap of faith and asked me to photograph her and Dave. 

We split the afternoon into two parts, two locations. The first was as fun and innocent as could be.  We met at the playground of Stillmeadow Elementary (Stamford, CT). After leaving the playground, we ended at a small green space/beach area off of Soundview Ave. (Stamford, CT). Luckily, it was Golden Hour and that gave us some fun results.