I almost can't take credit for this moment. 

I've been doing ride-share driving in LA for some time in order to survive and keep money coming in while Photography and other creativity comes together and one particular morning I had a Lyft passenger who motivated a moment. She was a girl from Poland who was studying in Boston, MA and had visited Los Angeles for a few days. This particular morning was her final day in Los Angeles and her Lyft ride was for the sweetest reason: she just wanted to watch the sunrise at the Venice Canals. 

As I dropped the girl off, I had to admit that the impending sunrise was going to be pretty good. I had visited the Canals once before to properly photograph them, so I did not think of stopping on this particular morning. But as I rounded a few corners and really saw the color in the sky, I could not help myself, I had to stop. I circled back around and parked, coincidentally passing by the girl again on the way. 

I had the camera in the trunk and was able to capture the moment. First, a cooler look:


But then, as the sun rose further, the warmth took over and the sky and reflection of the Canals offered this fantastic look.

Inez, if you ever see or read this, thank you: 

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