I've mentioned a few times before, but I've done rideshare driving (Uber, Lyft)  in Los Angeles in order to make ends meet until I land where I am supposed to land within the world of Photography/Film. I've had a tradition of keeping a camera in my car for mornings exactly like this. I never know where I may be when the sun rises, sets, or I come across a unique lighting condition or just have the urge to go for a quick day hike, so I stay prepared. 

On this particular morning, I took a passenger to the Bellmont Village Senior Living center on Crestridge Rd. in Rancho Palos Verdes, and right as I dropped him off we both noticed how great the sunrise looked. I shared with him that I was a photographer and that I would be pulling over to capture the moment. Crestridge Rd. runs east/west at this particular stretch with just enough of an incline/hilltop to give a wonderful view of the sunrise in the distance over the Rolling Hills neighborhood. On my right was the Peninsula Community church whose crosses and steeples made for a beautiful moment of affirmation. Sunrise + faith = a good omen and start to a day:

Afterward, I was enthralled by this misty, smoky sunrise, and was determined to capture more images of it. I thought I'd find more vantage points, or maybe find a small hike, but I realized that this moment on Crestridge Rd. was special and not to be easily duplicated. 

I eventually found myself on a residential lane, Hawthorne Blvd, where the mist and sunlight were bursting through uncontrollably making for some great silhouettes. I decided to pull over and capture a few images of the light coming through the street. A great way to start the day: 

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