In the beginning of my interest in Photography, I did not know what niche I was going to fall into, but I enjoyed photographing people.

I made an effort early on to practice photographing people as much as possible.  I wanted to be comfortable with a DSLR in my hands, to stand in the company of complete strangers and be able to capture images of them smiling and laughing. 

After taking a few photographs at his family’s restaurant, Trips’, my friend, Mark Tripolitsiotis, was very helpful and supportive in helping me find opportunities to get out and photograph, people, places, anything really, to practice and start generating business.

Mark reached out to The Saltwater Grille where his friend, the restaurant’s head chef, Pat Pascarella, was looking for images they could use for their website or any future publication. I would visit the restaurant on two separate occasions and photograph a few different categories of images like their signage, guests and staff interacting, as well as the atmosphere and décor.