Sometimes you just have to throw yourself into the fire.

When I was ready to start Photography, I posted a note to Facebook with a few images from a portrait set with my friend, Denise.  Within that note, I let my friends know that I was interested in pursuing a career as a professional digital photographer and that I was looking for some practice.

One friend who generously stepped up and offered a couple of opportunities for me to practice was, Mark Tripolitsiotis.  His family owns and operates a restaurant in Stamford, CT, aptly named,“Trips’.” 

He invited me to bring in my camera to practice how ever I would like, taking photographs of the restaurant, staff, guests, and more. There wasn’t much of an agenda for the set; I just wanted to become comfortable photographing people. It felt like a good challenge to capture others in candid moments without them noticing my presence or the camera; a “skill” that would become helpful later on during wedding photography. In the end, the restaurant ended up being a great practice ground, with servers and guests moving quickly.

Lastly, if you ever find yourself in Stamford, CT looking for some good Italian, definitely stop by and see the family at Trips’ right off of Hope St. Order the Penne a la Vodka, for sure.