Don't let the title of this page fool you, I'm not being mean. I don't think these individuals are stupid...

I’ve had the chance to keep in touch with my friend from Stamford, CT, Megan McNamara, while living here in LA. She’s a sweetheart and is always up for a good time. One of her friends from Ithaca College, Emily Krauser, hosts a really great storytelling show in LA. Every month at the Copper Still Bar in East Hollywood, the Stupid Smart Kids storytelling show is full of good drinks and good laughs. As described in their website the show consists of “LA’s best writers, comedians, and storytellser sharing their tales of Gen Y woes in the most heartfelt but always funny ways.”

It’s really fun, I’ve had the chance to attend a few shows and it is as described above, part stand-up comedy, part poetry slam, part honest confessional. Each month there is a central theme for each story and in November of was “Thanks, But No Thanks.” I’ll let your imagination figure out what was shared…

This evening, it was a blast to hear the stories of the brightly talented:

Tess Barker - Blogger for Vice and MTV news. Co-host of the Lady to Lady podcast.
James Fritz
Todd Masterson
Alison Stevenson - Female Comedienne, Woman Performer & Girl Writer.
Brandt Tobler
and Alyssa Vaughan  - Writer/Performer/Lover of Potatoes and Cheese

[for more information, or to check out a show, like Stupid Smart Kids on Facebook, or go to]

Random trivia: Los Angeles is small. One month I got to hear a hilarious story by the awesome, Becky Flaum