I feel very lucky and blessed to have worked with many amazing friends and to have made new friends when I started doing photography in 2009. Between 2009 and 2013 I photographed many weddings and events in Connecticut, New York and many other places on the east coast. I felt very fortunate to start to have a positive reputation and client base in that area.

I challenged myself and moved to Los Angeles, and I expected to start from scratch, but thankfully word-of-mouth followed me from the east coast. A few opportunities for photography came along pretty quickly on the west coast.  I had the pleasure of photographing Amanda and Darin’s wedding in 2012 in Lewes, DE.  During that wedding I had no idea that I was also photographing, Miss Becky Flaum.

[Becky is a great actress and stand-up comedienne as well as a contributor to the very cool entertainment and lifestyle blog, HelloGiggles.com. Be sure to check out her website: www.beckyflaum.com]

Becky is good friends with Amanda and served as one of her bridesmaids. Two years later, Becky was engaged to her sweetheart Vin and needed a photographer for her engagement photographs. Amanda, knowing that I recently relocated to Los Angeles, gave my name as a recommendation. I was beyond wowed.

Becky and I worked out the details for their session. It was quaint and wonderful: they just wanted to do a simple session on the gardened back porch at their house. They started with a few traditional (and fun) looks, and then changed outfits for a casual sports vibe. They are bi-coastal now, having relocated from New York, so they love for both the Yankees and Dodgers, not to mention Becky’s Memphis, Tennessee roots and an adoration for the Tigers. They changed back into their traditional look and ended with a few amazing final looks. A great afternoon with a sweet couple.

[Note: Becky and Vin are fans of Vaudeville comedy/performances. You'll know which image is an homage to that when you see it...]