On the page, 2015 Tournament of Roses Parade, I tell the full story of my move to Pasadena, CA.

 When I first moved there, I learned that I lived relatively close to Lower Arroyo Park which is a nature trail that can eventually lead you directly to the Rose Bowl stadium and grounds. Walking to the Rose Bowl became my morning routine. My street is located near the municipal district of "Old Town Pasadena; the courthouse and City Hall are literally one block away from my apartment. (Random trivia for any Parks and Recreation fans. The Pawnee City Hall where all the hilarity ensues is actually the Pasadena City Hall. Any exterior shots or establishing shots they used for the City Hall...Pasadena.)

One morning, I was starting on my usual route and I noticed the sky. I immediately stopped, returned to my apartment and grabbed my camera. The City Hall made a tremendous silhouette in the foreground of one of the greatest sunrises I've ever seen: