I must offer a special thank you to Megan Ormond who was incredibly supportive when I picked up a DSLR and decided to pursue freelance photography. I did not have much idea of what I was going to do other than to follow my heart and mimic what I saw professional photographers do/create.

I didn’t have a genre of choice either. I was just in love with color and light, but I was gravitating towards photographing people. With that in mind, Megan asked if I would be willing to photograph a headshot for her younger brother, Sean, a talented actor and singer.

To this day, I am still not officially a headshot photographer. It’s just not my thing. I appreciate it and I have many friends who are actors that show me their headshots and they are gorgeous, but for some reason, it’s just not what I gravitate towards. In this session with Sean was simply “giving headshots a try” and it turned out to be a fun casual portrait session. I was able to set up some simple lighting in their basement and created some pretty dramatic portraits of Sean. 

The afternoon also spontaneously became a fun brother-sister portrait set.  Megan dressed up a little bit and I just let her and Sean interact with each other.