"So what kind of photography do you do...?" 

That's inevitably the question I'm asked after telling someone that I'm, "into photography." Mostly I explain that I used to be a wedding photographer, and that I've also done events, and that I'm really interested in cinematography and film... and long. long. answer....

Most of the time people will suggest that I be a headshot photographer because they make a killing. For some reason, my soul has not been that of a headshot photographer. I enjoy working with people one on one and Lord knows I need to practice how to patiently set up lighting, but headshots have never been my calling. I've often turned friends/actors away (with guilt) when asked to create them. I don't know, my soul just gravitates towards candid photojournalism, catching moments.

Anyhow, and again, headshots are not my expertise or business. I don't own the lighting equipment to light them properly and professionally. However, there was one time that I got lucky and ended up being proud of a headshot. My friend, Josue Jasmin, a very talented dancer, choreographer, actor, performer,  was taking part in a theatre production "soon" and needed a headshot. Uhhh....cringe...worry....ready to make up excuses and decline....but somehow he got me to create one for him (and his friend Renee). I don't know how the following happened, but we caught the natural light at a pretty good angle and I'm happy to say that I'm proud of this headshot that I created for Josue:

(But still not proud enough to take them on professionally.)