I am always thankful for Melisa Briener-Sanders.  She is a vibrant personality, talented actress and supportive friend.  I met her in 2009 while photographing her performance in Little Bird

After Little Bird, we stayed in touch and tried to collaborate for a portrait shoot, but time always seems to fly. We eventually connected for this project; she reached out to me asking of I would be interested in photographing some behind the scenes images for an indy film series she was working on. 

"My Secret Friend," was produced by the ThinkIt Film Assembly. It is a very intense, character/actor driven project consisting of...

Actually I'll just connect you to some of the great content created by ThinkIt. It will explain the project much better than I can: 

My Secret Friend - Teaser Trailer and Five Episodes on Thinkit Film Assembly's website (scroll down the page) 

Documentary Teaser Trailer on Youtube

Character Creation videos on Youtube

It was an honor to meet and work with the cast and crew including the very talented: Elliot JoesphElin Gronblom, Eric MillerAmanda Long, and Melisa.

This scene was fun to photograph; a simple walk and talk down a Brooklyn street starring Melisa and Eric (if you haven't seen the clip yet). The cast and crew were very professional and prepared and it set a good atmosphere for fun yet productive filming.