I’m always fond of 2009.  I had a fresh Nikon D90 that was ready to go to work.  I’m very thankful for my friend, actor, Sage Suppa, who gave me an outlet for expression and observation in the early days. His exact words, “I’d love to help in anyway that I can.  What do you need? And or what can I do?  I’m acting in a play in the city at the moment, don’t know if you’d have any interest shooting that. Let me know man…”

It was the beginning of something completely new in my life.  I was on a Metro North train headed to Manhattan with a DSLR to add to my photography portfolio.  It was a “wow” moment. The play Sage was referring to was Mary Gallagher’s, “Little Bird,” a drama about four well intentioned individuals, each having rejected middle-class life in their own way and the mishaps of their fated interdependence.  (Synopsis paraphrased from Google Books.) The cast alongside Sage was:

Nikki Frangakis, who at the time was Nikki Koutoufaris.  Meeting Nikki was a pleasure and destiny in the midst.  After the play she approached me to ask if I'd like to work with her, capturing images for her stylist lookbook.  I would also later photograph her engagement session and her wedding.  I am always appreciative of Nikki and her faith in me. Since, she has become a great stylist and currently has a great blog going: Style Me Nikki.

Melisa Breiner-Sanders, gave a wonderful performance this day and I am thankful for her and the fact that we stayed in touch and would eventually work together again

And lastly the talented, Adam McManamy. The performance took place at The Creek and Cave in Long Island City, NY.