I had the pleasure of meeting Lindsay and Aaron via Sarah Russo and a great group of ladies working at the same medical complex in Bridgeport, CT who were fond of my photography in 2010 and 2011.  I am thankful to have worked with each of them.

For once, I asked how a couple got together instead of just diving into photographing them and for Lindsay and Aaron, it is a really sweet story.  I wanted to make sure I had it right for you, so I went back and messaged Lindsay on Facebook to ask if she wouldn't mind recalling the story again:

"...it was when I was about 10, Aaron was about 15... My mom's best friend (who we call our aunt Kathy) lived next door to him and we would visit her and her family.  He had bunnies along the property line in a chicken wire type cage and we used to feed them carrots.  I remember peeking into the yard and seeing him. 

We officially met about 11 years later in January 2005 during Kathy's husband's birthday party.  Kathy was trying to set up my sister with Aaron.  Luckily my sister didn't think Aaron was her type!  But he was definitely mine so I snatched him up. We've been together ever since."


We met up at Silver Sands State Park in Milford, CT.  I will always appreciate Lindsay, Aaron and this afternoon.  Why?  Patience.  That afternoon was a rare moment where I didn’t feel pressed for time. Silver Sands is a nice, wide open 47 acres with lots of room to explore and we took our time. I like everyone I work with, and I'm always saying I can't play favorites with my clients, but there's something special about Lindsay and Aaron...for some reason their images still always make me laugh out loud anytime I go through them.  I can very much remember how the moments with them felt: 

We really went to work at the park.  There was an entire second half/second idea behind this session.  We did traditional engagement photographs but Lindsay also had a great idea for the wedding.

For the table centerpieces, instead of a standard table number marker, she wanted to  place photographs of her and Aaron holding a chalkboard that said the table number. 

So if you were seated at Table 1,  you would see that photograph (right) sitting on the table in a frame, denoting that it was...Table 1.  It was great to come up with unique ways to photograph these:

Another fun part of the day...I'd like to introduce you to "Wego" (right).

Wego's name is derived from the phrase, "we go everywhere," and it's a tradition in Lindsay's family that he travels with them on all their vacations.  They make sure to take photographs holding Wego, or with Wego conspicuously in the background.  

Lindsay knew that Table 5 would be for her family, so naturally, for Table 5's image, Wego needed to make an appearance. A kind stranger was nice enough to hold him off-camera while Lindsay and Aaron posed. Wego was a champ and hung out with us the rest of the day:


Two more asides/thoughts...

First: In each of my engagement sessions I like to slow down to take the time for the couple to create some kind of "serious" image, something focused and brooding. Usually we're walking, talking, laughing, so trying to create something "serious" usually takes some effort. Naturally there is nervous laughter to begin with, but they eventually got it:

Lastly, you may or may not have thought about it, but I'll let you know that the image of Lindsay brushing her hands through the leaves and cattails (right) was intentionally mimicked from the movie, Gladiator. You know, when Maximus is walking in the fields towards his family in the afterlife. I've always loved that shot and wanted to mimc it for years. Thank you, Lindsay (and Ridley Scott).  

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