I had the pleasure of meeting Jessica and Michael through Emily and Bjorn.  Jessica and Emily were coworkers and Emily's wedding photographs made their way into work and into conversation.

 When first sitting down and getting to know Jess and Mike, there was a click, something very comfortable.  We talked movies and music and found commonality.  

They had a great day planned out for their engagement session.  They wanted New York City.  Good enough for me!  But even better, they wanted to create images in a place that I was long overdue in visiting: The High Line.  When Jess said it, I immediately perked up.

We met at their place in Stamford and took the train into Grand Central together with more comfortable conversation along the way.  Before we began shooting, I remembered that during our first meeting to set up wedding contracts, etc, Jess said some great words about the type of images she was looking for:

"I want them to be as artsy as possible." 

It was music to my ears.  I don't even feel like I lived up to this request, but it was fantastic to know that she was open to expression, innovation, and things unconventional. Every couple is different, and every couple brings a unique energy to their engagement session.  My favorite thing about Jess and Mike is how comfortable they were (are) with each other.  They hold each other, and wrap around each other so effortlessly. They’re meant to be.

Our photographic journey through NYC would take us from Grand Central to the Highline @ 23rd St, then south to the plaza outside of the Standard Hotel (with a quick stop at the Biergarten) and then back to Grand Central:

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