In late 2009, I had moved into a small room in a house, shared with a family and a young professional. There was a blank beige wall that in my mind was just and open background for photography. I set upa stool, a regular floor lamp and set my flash and umbrella off camera and played. While setting it all up I was listening to some music and by the time I started taking the shots I thought, "why not keep the headphones on?" 

There are quite a few outtakes of me rocking out to the music like I was belting the song in a recording studio. I don't have the guts to share those. Okay...maybe one...

After I was done, I don't know why I just took a "serious one" with the phones around my neck. It was a favorite with the ladies with them commenting, "hotness." and "wow.", thanks :)


1. The song I was listening to was Kelly Clarkson - Already Gone.

2. The t-shirt I was wearing was designed by my college buddy, Rob Bratton. We attended the University of Tennessee College of Architecture and Design. The image printed on the shirt was a designed by Rob as part of a contest. The task was to create a logo for one of the college's spring festivals. The design did not win the contest but it was such a crowd favorite that he decided to have t-shirts made with the image. The image he created was an homage to illusionist artist, M. C. Escher.

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