"Success is never final. Failure is never fatal..." 

- Various

Many great figures have been credited with that saying which ends, " is courage that counts." 

I adopted this attitude coming to a new location, the west coast. There's no time to be "tired." I have to stay hungry. There is so much more that I can and want to create and I'm in such a perfect place and time in my life to do it. 

I woke up and headed to Griffith Park one morning for this image. I finally got a new remote trigger for my D90 and was holding the D700 for the shot. I should have taken this in the afternoon so that the light would be coming from the west and then downtown Los Angeles could have been the background (too cheesy?), but I was determined to get the image out of my mind and to share it with others.

I'm sorry to those who really invest time and effort into creating and using Photoshop Actions for filter or color effects, because I found and now use Fotor Photo Effects: a cool, free online tool that will give you some depth and texture to your images in a snap. I had fun playing with this shot on that site giving a little blue feel. 

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