Back in 2012, I was working pretty hard on a new, more comprehensive website, one similar to this site, that could hold much more work and not just categorize a few photos into particular genres. Come to think of it, this site had been in the works for a long time, and I’m glad you’re reading this page right now.

During that time in 2012, I had my heart set on a custom Wordpress theme through Graph Paper Press. I ended up working with a custom designer, Laurie M. Rauch, for a few months. She became a good online/email friend. We worked pretty diligently on the design together. I had many rounds of emails and questions for Laurie regarding WordPress and website design. Noticing how invested I was, she eventually invited me to attend WordCamp 2012 in Montreal, Quebec.  WordCamp is a conference for WordPress,  an open forum for WordPress experts to educate other users.  

I hadn’t been to Montreal since a 7th grade field trip and I was looking forward to returning. It was an awesome weekend away: a quiet drive north and before I knew it I was crossing the border into Canada.  I mostly rested in my hotel room but I walked the streets a bit and made my way to WordCamp.

I'm a big Matthew Perry fan.  I always enjoyed "Friends" and Mr. Chandler Bing.  Naturally, I like The Whole Nine Yards, which was filmed in part, in Montreal.  They photographed the city beautifully for that film.  Being back in Montreal, I told myself, "take a moment to find where they filmed that scene in The Whole Nine Yards where Matthew Perry and Bruce Willis are overlooking downtown Montreal." 

The location is the back terrace of the Chalet du Mont-Royal which is located in Parc du Mont-Royal.I made that my project for my final day.  I woke up excited.  I looked up the location on Google Maps and also sat down with the paper maps the hotel provided:

"Alright, there it is!  I'm going.  Let's do this!"  I planned out the Metro stops to take, grabbed my camera and hit the streets.  I was on fire.  I had my chest puffed out walking the streets of Montreal.  I was so proud of myself.  I rode the metro for a few stops: 

I got off at my stop and looked around.  I thought: “Huh, it seems to be a quiet little neighborhood. Nice.”

As touristy as it could look, I took out my map and unfolded it, wide and proud.  I needed to know where to go!  I started to walk towards my destination. Along the way I kept thinking,

“Oh wow, look at all these nice houses.  This is cool. I can't wait to see this view of downtown Montreal.  So excited!"

I kept walking....and walking....eventually I thought,  "Alright it's getting closer.  Here we go.  I see the sign for Mont-Royal!  Yes, I'm here!“

 Then uncertainty set in:  

“What's....up with all these houses?  Ok...there's an overlook somewhere.... yes?   A big outdoor terrace...right?”

It turns out my friends, that there is a small town outside of downtown Montreal called, "Mont Royal."   It is a good two and a half miles west of... Parc...du Mont-Royal, the location I was originally looking for. 

 I read the dang maps wrong. 

*Sigh. longer puffed out. 

I took a seat on a nice park bench to gather myself.  I just watched people and slowly breathed.  I took out my map again and discovered a route to the correct location: Parc du Mont-Royal.  It was a hike.  But it was a very nice summer day and I enjoyed the walk.   A big part of the route took me down Rue Cote-des-Neiges, and it was worth it.  I found a small gem.  I really enjoy photographing statues, and on Rue Cote-des-Neiges I ran into Hans Schleeh's, “Trialogue:”

After much more walking, I finally found Parc du Mont-Royal and the spot from The Whole Nine Yards.

It was well worth it: