Back in 2013, I was living in my hometown in Connecticut, and I  visited Los Angeles to see if I was where I should move in the near future. That full story can be read on the page, California Love. During that week-long visit, my friend, Kelly Rothberger took me to Malibu. More specifically we stopped at El Matador State Beach. She told me that I might recognize it from many movies and commercials because there are distinctive rock formations on the sand.

I eventually moved to Los Angeles, and Malibu, along with many many sites and attractions kept me busy and excited (mostly in the year 2014). I was most definitely on a life vacation.  I always remember a particular week that I spoke with my father on the phone. He was always interested to know what new and exciting locations I was visiting in LA.  In this particular conversation he asked me, as usual, "So where do you go this week?" He was expecting to hear something popular from LA. My response was, "I don't know. I went to the bank yesterday..." Come 2015, the vacation started to end. Bills and responsibilities came back into greater view and I was becoming just another Los Angeleno. 

It took me a little while to realize that I shouldn't lose the beauty of California. I moved here, in part for the joy of the weather and the spectacular landscape. On this particular day in March, I pulled myself away from the computer, away from the worry of bills and drove out to Malibu. I'm glad I did, and it was nice to see El Matador State Beach for a second time: 

Part of the fun I have when shooting beaches or sunsets is playing with color temperature in the end. The first few images above are probably a more accurate depiction of the color and light of the moment as the sun went down, but I played with a few colors and warmer tones while editing:

These last two are just psychedelic and I'm thankful for the silhouette of a stranger:

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