Through my friend, Ryan Feinstein (aka DJ Ryfy), I had the opportunity to meet, Valentina Lan Craig.

This was again, 2009, when I had purchased a Nikon D90, my first DSLR and I was eager to practice and shoot anyone and anything. I had worked with Ryan and Val previously and this was another great opportunity to practice with her. We worked together a couple of times that summer and I eventually, jokingly, referred to her as my muse.  But she really did (does) have the perfect spirit of creativity. She was always there to inspire, invigorate and support my new passion.

This day, she came over to my parents' house with a few of her own outfits and we borrowed a few items from my mother and just improvised. Some scarves ended up being very essential. We eventually ended inside of my parents’ basement where things got a bit sultry thanks to one of Val’s outfits and her great expressions.


The image below is not my work, but I love sharing it. After the shoot, Val posted a few of these images on Facebook. One of her friends was particularly fond of the image of Val holding the martini glass to her face. This young man made a replica sketch of that image and shared it with Val on his Facebook page.

 It was art inspiring art. Too cool.