When I first began Photography, a lot of my co-workers were very supportive.

They were interested in having me as a photographer for various moments/events. Edgar Vaca asked if I would be willing to photograph some moments for his daughter’s Quincea ñera. He didn’t ask me to photograph the full day, just a few group images before the evening party/reception. I agreed, and it was a fun way to practice and it would eventually be good training for wedding photography.

Edgar had also approached another co-worker, Gerson, who was known to be a photographer, but Gerson graciously said, “You do it.” Gerson however offered to be there to help organize the group and the photos.

On the day, everyone gathered, dressed, and “suited-up", and met Binney Park in Greenwich, CT. It undeniably had a wedding/prom feel to it with couples posing and getting this combination of friends and that. We had a good time and aside from practice photography and learning on my new D90, I learned a lesson that would hold true at every wedding I would eventually photograph:

Little kids, dressed-up, always steal the show.

Final note: the image of a slightly blurry dress and hands was an accident. I remember lowering my camera for a moment to give Edgar’s daughter a direction and the shutter snapped accidentally. I looked own at the LCD and thought, “Ha. Cool.” and left it in the set. 

Actual final note: I wanted to pay homage to Gerson for all his help on the day so the last image in the set is a behind the scenes shot of him setting up the kids for a group shot. That's him on the far right.