Tramaine Montell Ford is very talented with a great heart and spirit. ( I first had the opportunity to meet him in Manhattan while photographing his autobiographic play, The Tramaine Experience.  We stayed in touch and talked about doing a portrait set at some point.  It didn't take much thought and planning. 

 He simply said, "I see something in a church…"

 Done.  Let's do it. 

 This was a nice change of pace.  I had only photographed Tramaine while he was on stage: having to focus and capture his ever changing movements and expressions.  This afternoon we slowed down, had a quick lunch and got to know each other and I'm glad that we did.

 We ventured to the churches of St. Leo's and St. Ceclia's in Stamford, CT both of which were very gracious and open to us photographing within their sanctuaries. I am a person of faith so I am very okay that the set turned out to be incredibly straightforward, and literal in its imagery and message about faith and Christianity: his rosary, the red shawl and his stances of kneeling, praying and openness.