I'm always a romantic: when I photograph someone new, I feel like I'm always meeting kindred spirits.  No matter what genre it is, when I work with or for someone capturing images, I feel like I’ve already known them for years; there's an instant comfortability.  This held/holds true for Sylvia and Josh.  We got along really well during their engagement session having just met that day.

This should not have been so surprising because I met them through Nikki Frangakis,who I've worked with many times. I should have known... 

Sylvia, Josh and I met in Brooklyn Bridge Park on this afternoon and we had a great session.  It was so funny, we kept walking the streets around the park...literally in circles.  I kept thinking of different images to try and it would bring us back to certain locations multiple times. They were cool with it, though.

I really appreciated how flexible they were. They could easily be still for a "posey" image, but then very sweet and intimate towards one another. Also appreciated: they brought along a change of clothes, giving the second portion of the set a new look and feel:

Random trivia: Not at all relating to the photographs but,  I saw Michael Shannon on the street during this session but I forgot his name in the moment.  He walked by and I said, "Hey, you were in...uh...Pearl Harbor.  You did a great job in that, man."  Very politely, with humility and a head nod he responded, "Aw, thanks.  Thanks very much." 

*Note to self: Remember actor and actresses names, not just their movies/roles.  Example: I was in Los Angeles in March (2013), and I saw Kevin Connolly at a Kings game, not, "that guy from Entourage."

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