She is one of the coolest people I've had the pleasure of meeting. She is a brilliant comedienne and actress with very sharp wit and great timing (though she does not share this side of herself often. It's a treat when she does).

This set is from when I had recently purchased my D90 and I was looking to practice and photograph some friends. Stephanie and I had known each other through mutual friends but had formally met only about a week prior to this day. Kindly, openly, she was willing to be photographed which was awesome, but she immediately gave me a cautious warning before we began:  

“I’m not very photogenic.”  

In Barney Stinson, HIMYM style I immediately thought, “....CHALLENGE....ACCEPTED!”  It turned out to be a lot of fun.  Between a little talk and direction, we kept each other laughing and I was happen to capture that often. She was pursuing a degree in English at the time of this shoot.  Quite literally, no pun intended, I had her bring a book with her as a prop. We started out at a small green space with a bench overlooking a pond: Gus Edson Park on Weed Ave. overlooking Holly Pond in Stamford, CT we would later finish up at Cove Island Park.

Towards the end of the session, it started to rain on us and we just used that; it added to the fun of the images. I was absolutely stunned by the D90. Though it wasn’t pouring, you could actually see a few raindrops before they hit Stephanie’s hand. They were frozen in mid-air. Go Nikon.

Final note: I have no idea where the green theme came from but, it came to mind and I just went with it. Early on with the D90, I enjoyed how it had various color/color temperature settings.

Actual final note: I didn't ask her at the time, but I did before creating this website, that steel blue is Stephanie's natural eye color. Wowza.