God is not that complicated…

…sometimes. He’s a wonder and mystery, but sometimes God speaks to you in a pretty straightforward way. I love doing visual exercise. I love the vantage point I have of Los Angeles as a photographer that drives Uber and Lyft and not knowing where passengers will take me when. I always have a camera in the car so I’m ready for any visual opportunities.

On this Thursday night, I ended up down in Riverside, CA. The sun was setting and I was berating myself for not having shot anything in a couple of days. The sky was looking great, and I knew I wanted to photograph it, though my surroundings were pretty standard and suburban. I went into full adventure mode thinking I should open AllTrails and find a hiking trail to get high and capture a glorious vista. That felt too laborious and lengthy, to drive and find a trailhead, to get out, to hike up…after all of that, the light may have been gone. I was driving and literally said to myself, “God, what do I do? What should I shoot?!” The moment I said that, I looked out of the window to see a double rainbow overhead.


I immediately pulled over and didn’t even wait to roll down my window and started capturing it. Then of course, I took the time to drive a little more and capture a few different angles and moments. Most incredibly, I had my fisheye lens with me and was able to capture the entirety of the rainbow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen both ends of one before:

Shoutout to post-rain skies

A gorgeous part of Southern California is it’s terrain being relatively flat and it’s cloud cover being vast. Skies are “bigger” here. One of my favorite phenomenons here is the post-rain sky. The normal smog and haze clears and what a sight when it does:

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