Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop.

I have this thing when I see something awesome with a camera in my hands: I shoot, and shoot and shoot. I make the joke that I’m so excited when I do photography that I shoot first and ask questions later. So often I think I have the best view and vantage point of something, but then a few steps more it gets even better.

I can’t help myself, but why should I? In the digital age with massive memory cards and external hard drives of storage, the Cloud, and Squarespace websites that allow you to blog unlimited pages, why not keep shooting?

This thought and personal habit came into play with a recent visit to Washington State. I was spending the day with my college friend, Monica and we, along with her boyfriend, Will, had ventured away from the heart of Seattle to explore some nature nearby. Our first stop was to Rattlesnake Ledge Trail where Monica and I thought our legs would give out before the peak. After surviving, enjoying the summit, and coming back down, we hopped back in the car in search of Snoqualmie Falls. After about a 25 minute drive north, we had arrived.

The 270 foot waterfall spoke for itself. Water is always mesmerizing and of course I did what I do….shoot:


The reason I added a “+” in the title of this page is because we made a roadside stop on our way to Snoqualmie Falls to check out a great view of Mount Si. This little patch of grassland even had a few deer and bucks in the distance (and the moment served as yet another reminder to go ahead and get an 18-300mm lens…) Gorgeous stuff:

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