Sarah and Scott were among my first wedding clients. I was immediately committed to photographing their wedding when Sarah said they would be getting married at a library.  How unique. The James Blackstone Memorial Library in Branford, Connecticut is a place that I had not known before this, but I became fond of it.

I was looking forward to meeting Sarah and Scott leading up to their engagement session.  I got a sense of who they were before meeting them and I liked them already because of the effort Sarah put into their wedding website. While viewing it, it felt magical. Between the style of the graphics, the photos and music used on the site, I understood their personality and spirit and I was excited.  (They inadvertently introduced me to the Icelandic rock band, Sigur Ros and I was mesmerized). I complimented them on the site via email before meeting them. We eventually met in person for their engagement session and before we began taking photos, they gave me an awesome gift: a copy of Sigur Ros' latest CD.

 We strolled the library that afternoon using books and the stacks (and the bust of James Blackstone) as props. I just let them be casual, sweet and cute together and it worked.

 [A quick note on gender stereotypes and feminism: Sarah was in favor of holding the cookbook for a couple of images. She enjoys cooking and did not think it was an offensive idea.]

 Lastly, I don’t remember rain being in the forecast, but we very happily went with it: