Heavenly sunset.

For the 1000th time, I've been a ride-share driver in LA to help me survive on this creative journey with Photography and more. I strike up conversations with passengers and I've mentioned quite a bit that I've been more into hiking over the last year or so. Many passengers in the Pasadena area mentioned a "set of hiking trails at the end of Lake Ave." It took a while, but I finally  drove up Lake Ave. until it ends. Of course, there is a nice small park with a few trails. The best name I could find for the park is "Cobb Estate."

Once inside Cobb Estate, there are multiple trailheads and as always, thanks to the AllTrails app, I was able to find more details about them. I've now been to the park three times, twice hiking the Sam Merrill Trail to Echo Mountain and once briefly trying the Firebreak Trail to Mount Lowe.


My first trip to Cobb Estate was right at sunset. I am always trying to catch romantic images of the sun in full view at sunset, but the trail had plans of its own. It meandered east and started to lose views of the sunset. The light was fading so I stopped early into the trail to just capture the view. As I learned at the Grand Canyon, keep shooting even after the sun goes down, because beyond the horizon the sun still lights the sky. In post-production wonderful, vivid colors could be drawn out of the images:


My second and third trips to Cobb Estate were longer visits and as I made my way higher on the trail, I was able to get a few more views of Pasadena all the way into downtown Los Angeles, and even hints of Century City further west. Again, playing with light and color with the images in post was a great treat: 

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