I’m officially spoiled.

I’ve lived in Los Angeles since Nov. of 2013 and my usual yearly rhythm involves traveling to the northeast, Connecticut, to celebrate either Thanksgiving or Christmas. Such at trip means braving winter again, a season from which I happily separated. This past year (2018) brought another Christmas visit to CT and afterward, I was eager to return to the warmth Southern California. I’m spoiled. All the sunshine days have soaked in and now I can’t live without them.

On a morning of working, driving with Uber/Lyft I found myself in Malibu at sunrise and just had to stop to capture some photographs. It was first time back at the coast after having returned from the northeast. I saw an image in my mind, a self portrait near the water. I placed my D90 on a beach rock and let it (the rock) serve as a makeshift tripod. I set the timer and walked away towards the shore. Art has this great way of being spiritual, of something higher, and naturally on my first try, I accidentally came across the photo I would like best.

At this point I feel like Superman being regenerated by the sun when I came back to California.

I would reset the camera for a couple more, and also just enjoy the stroll along the water. This was also a nice opportunity to use my fisheye lens for a slightly different perspective on a familiar scene. It was good to be back, LA. Definitely good:

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