I headed up to Cantil, CA in November of 2014 to capture more behind the scenes images for the production of RUST.

There were two days of shooting scheduled at Red Rock Canyon. I admit, my correspondence with the crew was not the best. I was honestly not sure where to go once I arrived at the Red Rock campground. I had pulled into the campground and passed by a group of cars and continued further. The interior of the campground was a big open loop with a few cars parked here and few tents pitched there. I spotted a group of small tents, and from the information I had, I gathered that they were the tents of some of the crew members, but no one was to be found.

I tried to make phone calls, but of course…no service. I exhaled a bit, and just decided to enjoy being at Red Rock Canyon. I decided that I would hike and take a few photographs. I also thought that if I reached a high enough altitude, that I might spot where the production was filming.

Though I was not able to see the production from any mountaintop or vantage point, it was pretty beautiful up there, and I was able to capture some pretty nature. You want to hear the punchline to the story? Those cars I passed by when I first arrived to the campground, before going around that loop, those were the crew member’s cars. They were right at the entrance to the campground. They were filming not too far away. Oh boy… I was able to catch up with them at finish photographing them while filming (as you'll see in the last few image). But here's to solitude and hikes in the mountains: