On a two day Pacific Coast Highway trip in May (2017) I was determined to soak in as much "California" as possible. I started the day in San Francisco and first stopped at Half Moon Bay. Afterward, I made my way south rather quickly. There were many great attractions like Santa Cruz, Carmel, Monterey and 17 Mile Drive (blog posts coming soon). I grabbed a few images, but seemed to not stay very long and just buzzed through. 

I wondered why I was doing that, but I should know by now when God has a plan. I arrived at the entrance to my final location of the trip, Point Lobos State Reserve at 5:47PM. The Reserve closes at 7PM. So there's that. Timing is everything. Had I stayed an hour longer further up the coast earlier in the day...

I did not know much about Point Lobos other than the incredible views and landscape. I had a few recommendations to visit it, and my research beforehand showed me nothing but gorgeous coastline wonders; I knew I had to make this place a priority. I am really thankful for the good timing. 

The guide at the entrance booth was very helpful in suggesting a path that would make the most of an hour. I would hike along the North Shore Trail to Cypress Cove, and with the time remaining I hiked the Cypress Grove trail up to North Point, The Pinnacle, and South Point. 

I highly recommend this stop for a California coastal trip: Point Lobos State Reserve - website

There's not much else to say to describe it other than: it was the kind of hike where every time you thought you had seen the best view...you hadn't:

Note, the seals were very much alive, just sleeping. 

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